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Telestack AggStack TS36-140 Radial Telescopic Conveyor - Case Study

Telestack AggStack TS36-140 Radial Telescopic Conveyor - Case Study


ITALCAVE SpA is an Italian industrial group that specialize in the extraction of limestone aggregates and operates in concrete production as well as civil, industrial, road and maritime constructions. Mineral handling starts at the port of Taranto where ITALCAVE operates through investee companies, initially only starting operations for unloading and storage on behalf of cement plants in southern Italy and today offering highly qualified services related to port and maritime logistics.

In 2018, Telestack submitted a successful tender for a TS 36-140 Self Contained AggStack. The AggStack would be used in a Steel Slag application in Taranto, Italy and would stockpile after an MDS M515 Trommel. The MDS M515 removes the +75mm oversize material. The -75mm then transfers to the AggStack stockpiling at a rate of around 400tph.

The AggStack Radial Telescopic Conveyor has a proven record of performance and reliability operating in a range of applications around the globe (stockpiling, linking and reclaiming). The Telestack radial telescopic conveyor is one of the most cost efficient and effective way of stockpiling material on the market. The reduction of segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction when stockpiling ensures ‘in specification’ material for any application and caters for a complete range of applications and industries. The mobility options of the unit allows for the operator to utilise this technology anywhere on site, ensuring a high production capacity and a 30% more stockpile capacity on the same footprint when compared to fixed length/height conveyors.

Degradation and contamination of the material could compromise the composi tion and size of the product which could, in effect, reduce the selling price per tonne. The implementation of the Telestack system means that double handling of materials in eliminated. Steel slag is a very demanding application due to its highly abrasive nature. Telestack incorporated high grade belting, a low profile tapered feedboot (400mm) and 10mm hardened steel liners fitted in the feedboot and the transfer points to ensure that the unit was tailored to such a demanding application.

The AggStack Radial Telescopic Conveyor is available in both the standard high tail and low tail configurations. On this site the low tail version was selected so the MDS M515 tail conveyor could feed directly into the AggStack.

Telestack are renowned for their equipment being easy to use, meaning that all machines are simple to operate, maintain and troubleshoot as there are no complicated electrics/electronics to manage and hydraulics can be kept to a minimum. The skill levels required are not as demanding/costly as traditional material handling methods and all machines can run off diesel hydraulic power, diesel electric power via on-board generators or from electric power already available on site.

As the AggStack is designed specifically for the aggregate market; the unit is designed to help eliminate/reduce segregation, degradation, contamination and compaction of the material which makes the AggStack ideal in all aggregate applications. In addition the option of multiple PLC automatic stockpiling programmes provides the operator with a versatile, ergonomic and reliable stockpiling system that offers the ability for a radial windrow, incline windrow and radial conical stockpile formations which in all offers a larger stockpiling potential and a radial stockpiling potential of up to 270° for maximum stockpiling.

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