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Telestack HF-821 Revolution Mobile Hopper Feeder - Case Study

Telestack HF-821 Revolution Mobile Hopper Feeder - Case Study


  • 12m³ hopper capacity with a 1200mm wide belt feeder
  • Hopper lined with optional 6mm Abro 400 wear liners
  • Revolution feature - a centre mounted slew bearing that enables 360° rotation of the hopper and boom with optional rubber track pads fitted for operation on concrete/asphalt
  • Side skirting along main conveyor
  • Hydraulic Folding head section
  • Impact bars alongside walls to eliminate spillage around feedboot (2 rows at each side)


As one of the key quarry producers in Iceland, Alexander Olafsson identified a market for exporting aggregate to mainland Europe. In 2015 alone, 2,263 (Euro Millions) of products relating to the manufacturing sector were exported from Iceland – a staggering 52.9% of the total country exports! The trend has continued and Alexander Olafsson looked to Telestack to help them become more efficient in their operation. Their scope of supply was ample – they needed to achieve efficiency, flexibility and generally reduce operational costs throughout! This was aided by the introduction of a HF 821 Mobile Hopper Feeder which was introduced to their operation to load coaster vessels with aggregates as well as stockpiling.


Prior to the Telestack installation Alexander Olafsson considered many options to load their coaster vessels. After much consideration and research, particularly against the traditional mobile grab, the Telestack Hopper Feeder was chosen simply because of its flexibility, its throughput rate, low maintenance cost and ability to maintain the product integrity by reducing the number of times the product is handled.

The Telestack HF821 Hopper Feeder, is designed to hold a buffer of material within the hopper and in turn allows a regulated flow of material to travel onto the main incline conveyor. Fed by a wheel loader, the hopper has a 12m³ capacity with a 1200mm wide belt feeder. The hopper is fully lined with 6mm Abro 400 wear liners to minimise wear and protect the paint finish. The feeder and incline conveyor speeds are controlled by a flow control valve to regulate the conveyor belt speed which was required to accommodate the variety of materials that Alexander Olafsson managed. The variable speed drive also enabled the operator to run the belt speeds as slow as possible thus minimising dust creation at the transfer points.


Multi- Purpose Functionality

One of the main attractions of the Telestack equipment was its multi-faceted nature. The fact that the same equipment can be used to load the barges as well as stockpile on the quayside or stockyard was a key purchasing decision. The initial CAPEX investment is vastly reduced with the purchase of one piece of equipment rather than potentially two. The mobility of the unit also means that the equipment can be relocated quickly and easily across different sites so that it can be used throughout the stockyard, ensuring a high-production capacity and a 30% increase in stockpile capacity on the same footprint, in comparison to fixed length / height conveyors. The flexible nature of the unit also meant that it has been used to feed an existing separate CDE washer plant and Metso crushing & screening line.

Revolution feature allowing parallel travel

A unique feature of the HF 821 is the Revolution feature – a centre mounted slew bearing that enables 360° rotation of the hopper and boom. Ideal for barge loading and unloading, rail loading, rail unloading and stockpiling. The parallel travel feature enables the operator to manoeuvre the unit parallel to the vessel removing the need to reposition the unit, thus enhancing loading rates and efficiency! The Revolution feature improves site movement and paired with the custom rubber track pads that are fitted to tracks allows movement on concrete/ asphalt ensures a fuss-free product. The Revolution option is available on all HF/LF models and has enhanced the Telestack product offering considerably.

Due to the extreme temperature variances in Iceland (minus 10° to 40°) Telestack had to also incorporate a few bespoke features to ensure that the Hopper Feeder would be fully functioning at both extremes including...

“Prior to the Telestack installation we considered using a mobile grab loader to transport materials but decided to invest in a Hopper Feeder which has lower maintenance costs, is flexible and will allow us to complete the transfer of materials at a faster rate.”

Ellert Alexandersson CEO Alexander

Improved Product Quality

The HF 821 Revolution is part of the mobile hopper feeder range that can be used to stockpile material, feed auxiliary equipment, reclaim to other conveyors, directly load ships, trucks, rail wagons etc at production rates of up to 2,500tph. Central to the hopper feeder range is the ability to discharge directly from wheel loaders/ grab cranes and excavators in a “controlled” manner thus eliminating the double handling of material and helping to ensure a better quality of product.

Further Investment

After purchasing the HF821 and seeing first-hand how it produces the results discussed above, Alexander Olafsson further invested in a Telestack TC421 Tracked Conveyor to complement their crushing and screening operation. This investment enabled them to further reduce the use of the wheel loader when building stockpiles therefore reducing labour, fuel costs, carbon footprint as well as maintenance costs.

Telestack Range of Equipment

Telestack specialise in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mobile, bulk material handling systems for the inland ports and terminals, aggregates and mining sectors. Their range of equipment encompasses radial telescopic shiploaders, shiploading direct from trucks, direct feed shiploaders, rail mounted shiploaders, cambered boom shiploaders and dockside unloading hoppers. To complement your particular application, Telestack also offer an extensive range of options so that your shiploading units are specific to your shiploading units.