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Telestack TC-621 Revolution Stockpile Conveyor - Case Study

Telestack TC-621 Revolution Stockpile Conveyor - Case Study



In 2018, Fredheim Maskin showcased the Telestack TC621 Revolution at their dedicated demonstration day for the Scandinavian market. Fredheim Maskin represents Telestack, Sandvik and Keestrack in Norway and Sweden. At the demo day in Norway, Fredheim Maskin had a typical application set up to demonstrate the advantages and key features that the TC 621 Revolution brings to the industry. The application set up included a Komatsu PC 450 Excavator feeding a UJ440i Jaw Crusher from Sandvik Mobile Screens. The Jaw Crusher was then feeding a US 440i Cone Crusher which fed onto the Telestack TC 621 Revolution. This unit has since been sold and is being used in a stockpiling application in Sweden.

The TC 621 Revolution is a track mounted fully mobile stockpiling conveyor with a centre mounted slew bearing that enables 360° rotation. With the ability to create parallel stockpiles and a radial stockpile from one fixed feed in point, the TC Revolution shows unrivalled mobility and greatly enhances stockpile capacities. The ideal solution for stockpiling after mobile crushing / screening plants, the TC Revolution series is a track mounted fully mobile radial conveyor designed to work at production rates of up to 600tph and the mobility and flexibility of the Stockpiling Conveyors reduces / eliminates the use of a wheel loader on site. The range of stackers ensures all applications are catered for from heavy duty primary jaw crushing applications to light duty screening applications. As mobile crushers and screens constantly get larger with increased throughputs, transport restrictions have not allowed for their on board conveyors to increase in size and length to cope with higher tonnages. Track conveyors fulfil this need by providing much larger stockpile capacity and at the same time improve plant mobility by removing material from the processing equipment.

The TC621 Revolution is designed with a maximum distance between the tracks and head drum to allow for optimal stockpiling capacities. With a front and rear adjustable telescopic boom to obtain the desired discharge or feed in height, the TC 621 Revolution also has a counter weight built into the feedboot area to give structural strength and stability whilst in the working position.

Telestack mobile bulk material handling conveyors provide many benefits particularly when compared to applications that use fixed equipment. The TC 621 Revolution removes the need for a dedicated wheel loader to constantly take away material from the crusher, screener or shredder. 

Reduce Costs

The tracked conveyor can reduce fuel costs by up to 75%, operating costs by up to 70% and can decrease the idle time of face excavators which in turn increases production rates.

The feedboot of the TC621 Revolution has a radial design with a large material target area, adjustable rear telescopic which enables a variable feed in height and a combination of rubber lagged impact rollers and impact bars. The incline conveyor is manufactured with a heavy duty ribbed design and a deep mid-section for extra strength as well as a folded plate design which gives structural strength to the conveyor frame.

All Telestack units can be designed with optional extras and dust suppression systems can be added if the application involves a dusty or abrasive material. Overband magnets can also be mounted over the belt of the conveyor, removing harmful metallic contaminants from the main material which leads to a higher quality product. Conveyor skirting can be added along the length of the conveyor to eliminate material spillage. The TC 621 Revolution is suited to many different applications from stockpiling, ship and truck loading and work as part of a mobile system on short to medium term projects.

Telestack Range of Equipment

Telestack specialise in the complete design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of mobile, bulk material handling systems for the inland ports and terminals, aggregates and mining sectors.

Telestack products include Ship Loaders and Unloaders, Hopper Feeders, Truck Unloaders, Bulk Reception Feeders, Stockpiling Conveyors, Link Conveyors and Telescopic Stackers.

Telestack bulk material handling products work with many products globally and are designed specifically for your application. There are many options available to ensure you get the right product to deliver the results you need. Telestack products can handle all free-flowing bulk materials including ores, coal, aggregates, fertilizers, grains, woodchips, pellets and many more bulk materials that need moved.

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