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Telestack TS-850 Radial Telescopic Conveyor - Case Study

Telestack TS-850 Radial Telescopic Conveyor - Case Study


  • Galvanised Dust Covers full length of outer conveyor
  • Canvas retractable Telescopic dust covers on Inner Conveyor
  • Wind Side Plates on Inner Conveyor
  • Fully closed hood at transfer point from outer to inner
  • Fully enclosed square to round head chute
  • 6m Freefall Chute with Trimmer
  • X bracing on Inner Conveyor


Trans-oil Group Of Companies is an agro industrial holding that provide services such as oilseed crushing, grain handling and storage, international commodities trading, vegetable oil in bulk, bottled oil, farming and production of flour.

Trans-oil Group is the leading grain exporter in Moldova, trading 40-50% of the total grains exported from the region. It manages the most developed and extensive grain supply chain within the local market enabling them to buy grains from hundreds of farmers at farm gate, and to further process and distribute to port transhipment terminals. Inland logistics is fully controlled by the GROUP through the 75 rail cars and 40 trucks it owns and the majority of goods are sold to the international market in bulk.

Telestack dealer, DRC provides global technical procurement and distribution services for Oil & Gas, Mining and Construction operations. For over 20 years, DRC has offered the expertise, knowledge, and services across the natural resource value chain to enable success for our customers. The Telestack solutions proposed by DRC had multiple benefits for the Moldavian grain exporter.

Telestack Solution

Telestack designed a mobile conveying solution that met the needs of the customer’s material handling project. This is a new project for Moldavian grain industry and the first of its kind. The TS850 was mounted onto a piled radial plinth which supported the front radial wheels while rear pivot was mounted at ground level. The radial and telescopic feature of the machine enabled the unit to load grain onto the vessels from one position or with minimal warping on larger vessels at 750 TPH. The system is being fed by a series of fixed feeding conveyors fed direct from grain silos.

Abrasive Material

Grain is a free flowing abrasive material so it was important that Telestack design engineers took this into consideration. The TS850 was spec’d with extended feedboot skirting, transfer point and skirting, as well as having a brush strip fitted at the rear of the feedboot and transfer shoot to minimise potential spillage.

Due to the abrasiveness of grain and the harsh weather conditions that Moldova can experience (temperatures can drop to minus 35 degrees throughout the year), the structural properties of the material handling unit were carefully considered throughout all stages of the design and build.

As the conveyor incorporated a freefall chute at the discharge point the unit was customised with an additional ‘X’ bracing on the inner conveyor to provide extra support and strength. The TS850 also incorporated 355 grade wear strips along the top and bottom of the inner conveyor stringer which improves the durability of the unit.

Dust Containment

In recent years, environmental regulations have been tightened across the globe with an emphasis on reducing dust contamination. Companies have had to re-evaluate their equipment selection to ensure they comply with environmental regulations. A material such as grain produces high levels of dust which is considered a pollutant to both the atmosphere and anyone working in the close proximity or local area. Telestack design engineers customised the TS850 with a complete dust containment which includes galvanised dust covers along the length of the outer conveyor, canvas retractable telescopic dust covers along the inner conveyor, a fully enclosed hood at transfer point from outer to inner, a fully enclosed support frame c/w square to round chute including 15mm low friction wear liners and a free fall chute with 360 degree trimmer on discharge point.

Telestack are proud to have worked with DRC in the supply of the TS850 to Trans Oil who have developed the first major Grain Export facility from Moldova.

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