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Terex EvoQuip Cobra 230R - Spotlight

The Cobra 230R is a closed circuit version of the Cobra 230 which incorporates a 2.44m x 1.2m (8’ x 4’) post screen that ensures the required product specification is achieved with oversize material either being recirculated back to the crusher or stockpiled. The ability to quickly detach the complete afterscreen system including the oversize conveyor provides the option of either running the machine in standard mode or transporting it separately.

The key design features in the Cobra 230 ensure an optimal material flow through the crushing process. As material moves from the feeder through the impactor onto the product belt each section becomes wider ensuring an unrestricted flow. The excellent under crusher clearance and the short distance from the crusher discharge to the magnet make the Cobra 230R the ideal machine in all applications.

The Cobra 230R uses a fuel-efficient and high performing direct drive system to power the impact crusher. This along with the two independent hydraulic controlled aprons allows the operator to optimize the material throughput and reduction whilst ensuring the best fuel efficiency.

The Results

The Cobra 230R has been on test at Reid Brothers on an abrasive application crushing oversize gravel down to 50mm (2”) crusher run. Commenting on the performance of the compact machine Thomas Gourley, from J Gourley & Son said “The EvoQuip Cobra 230R is a great machine. The control system is simple to operate and set up time was minimal enabling us to be crushing quickly. The ground level access to the engine, hydraulics, service and refueling points, made maintenance easy for the operator. I look forward to working this machine in a different application in our own quarry.”

Matt Dickson, EvoQuip, Product Line Director said, “No matter what line of work you are in, whether it is Construction & Demolition, Asphalt Recycling, Quarrying or Contract Crushing, the Cobra 230R will enhance your profitability. The compact footprint makes the Cobra 230R easy to transport and an ideal machine for working in urban areas.”

 Larsen Dirtworks LLC Case Study

The word “ton” too often gets tossed around as a kind of hyperbole — as in, “We ate a ton of ice cream” or “She makes a ton of money.” 
In the construction industry, the word is used in its literal sense of 2,000 pounds, but even so, can sound too small for the amount of material under consideration. 
Construction companies don’t handle just one or two tons of material at a time. In any particular job, they may be required to move or process hundreds, or even thousands. 
Recently, for example, in just three ordinary workdays, Larsen Dirtworks LLC of Foreston, Minn., crushed 780 tons of concrete curb and sidewalk, plus a little asphalt, for reuse as base material. It turned out to be a two-man job, although the two men — Larsen Dirtworks President Mark Larsen and his brother, Vice President Rich Larsen — multiplied their strength with a Cat 908M loader, a Case 160B excavator, a Case 55B excavator with a hammer attachment, and, most prominently, their brand-new EvoQuip Cobra 230R mobile impact crusher.
“We went down to Kentucky to EvoQuip’s facility to demo this new Cobra 230R onsite mobile crusher,” Rich Larsen said. “We knew this would be a perfect fit for what we wanted to do.”
The sidewalk crushing job, which was part of a larger effort to replace water and sewer lines in a seven-block area of Anoka, was Larsen’s first opportunity to use the Cobra, and despite the little extra time that is always needed for the initial learning curve, everything went smoothly, according to the brothers. They began work on the crushing April 24 and ended April 26, allowing other contractors to move in and complete the rest of the project on schedule. 
The crushed material produced by the Cobra was stored on a city lot provided for the project, and then reused when the streets were repaved. 
“It saves on trucking costs, material disposal and having to rebuy the same material needed later on in the project,” said Travis Neyssen, president of Kamke Construction, Foley, Minn., subcontractor on the project. “It saves cost and time all across the board.”
Kuechle Underground of Kimball, Minn., is the lead contractor and is performing all of the underground work on the project.
With a 47-ft. transport length and 8-ft. width, the Cobra is a versatile, easy-to-use mobile impact crusher that can handle such demanding applications such as reinforced concrete, recycled asphalt, construction and demolition waste and natural rock. Its 33-x-34-Inch . rotor diameter gives it an output potential of 250 tons per hour, and its integrated afterscreen system ensures the required product specification is achieved, with oversize material either stockpiled or recirculated back into the crusher.